Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cherish Card

This was a very quick card I made using  the 'Baroque Motifs' stamp set, (Pg 70 item 113544 in current Idea’s book & Catalogue).
'Cherish' card

Only two of the stamps are shown on this card, there are another 4 in this set with all the images being really pretty and I love the 'Cherish' sentiment, it's not a word you would often find in a stamp set but it's such a lovley thing to put on a card.
Oh, and this stamp set was featured in the March 2011 of 'Papercraft Inspirations' they obviously thought it was a a beauty too.
If you would like to get hold of this stamp set yourself, just get in contact and before you know it you could be playing with these lovely stamps.

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