Thursday, 28 April 2011

Strength & Hope stamp set - long post this one.

Well, it feels like the summer is on it's way at last, not because of the weather but because I've finally watched a few games of baseball - thank god for the Internet and the ability to watch games whenever you want, I'm way too old to sit up to watch games live these days - lol!

Anyway, on to something much more important, the Stampin' Up "Strength & Hope" stamp set.
"Strength & Hope" Stamp Set

This is a beautiful stamp set with £1.00 from every one sold going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 
Breast cancer charities are ones that I particularly support as I have had both friends and family struck with this terrible illness.  Also, a few years ago I gave up work and went back to University full time to do a Masters Degree, and during this time I worked in a lingerie shop in Twickenham.  Whilst there I had the privilege to help a few ladies post mastectomy.  The strength, courage and hope that these ladies showed during, what must have been the worst moments of their life was just humbling.  One lady even appologied to me in case I got upset seeing her without a top on - can you believe it, she was worried about me!!  I can honestly say that those 15 - 20 mins I took helping her was probably the most important and personally rewarding thing I have every done.  This is why I am so happy that Stampin' Up has created this marvellous stamp set that is so aptly named.
Gift Card
I made this little gift card with my first play with these great stamps, followed by something a little more ornate.
Strength & Hope card
I know you will love this set and get a lot of pleasure playing with it, I'm off to play a bit more, in the mean time, download the new Mini catalogue from the link on the left of this page, go to page 31 and see it for yourself.  It's available as a wooden stamp set or as a clear block cling set, it's also availabile in French and German.  So all you have to do then is decide which one you want then contact me and I'll happily sort out the order for you, and lets hope that together we make a shed load of money for this very worthy cause

thanks a lot for reading this far, nice chatting to you again - take care :o)  xx

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  1. Love these two Anna, Hope all is well with you, speak soon hopefully :-)
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