Friday, 11 November 2011

Cards for Servicemen


Some of you may remember that in September I showed a card that I made to be included in a little batch I was trying put together to send to a charity that sends cards to various scary places that our service personnel are based so that they have cards that they can send home to their loved ones.  (see HERE for previous post).  I stated that I wanted to do around 30 and I did it - yay!

In my previous post I also mentioned that the cards couldn't have glitter on, well my clever little up-line, Sarah-Jane found out why this is.  Apparently, glitter, even the tiniest amounts, really shows up through night vision goggles - who knew!   I bet you didn't realise that crafty blogs could be educational as well!  lol

You can find out more about this charity HERE and the various way you can help.

I know that sending a few cards is not much considering the sacrifice those young men and women are making for us, but if being able to send a card to a love one makes home feel a little bit closer then that's something.

11 11 11 ~ we must never forget!

take care, and remember to hug your loved ones, some people no longer have that choice.


  1. Hi

    I am a brand new demonstrator (launch party was last night!) and whilst I was having a browse I came across your lovely blog. Just wanted to say what a great idea this is and I am going to join you in sending some cards out. Well done on getting to your target of 30.
    Take care
    Clair x

  2. Well done you! I will sort out some cards for when I see you too :-)
    Looking forward to sharing all the news too!! Whoop Whoop!!
    Hugs xx