Monday, 22 August 2011

Shirt and Tie card

Hello all and welcome to another Friday, nearly the weekend, and I hope you are all going to be able to spend time doing fun things, not just the grown up, sensible stuff  :o)

My share with you today is a Shirt and Tie card.  Well, it's more origami than a traditional greetings card, but it's got a place to add a sentiment and sign your name, so it's a card - right?? Oh, and it goes in a standard size C6 envelope - if you tuck the shirt sleeves in.

Yes, it's a shirt, with a tie and therefore perfect for any man if your life for practically any occasion, depending on what sentiment and paper you use.

I used 1 sheet of the "Concord Crush" paper from the 2010 "In Color" Designers series paper, (DSP),  patterns stack cut down to a standard A4 size.  I absolutely love this colour!

"Where do you add the sentiment and write your message?"  Do you say, well just look at the image below..
It opens up by, well, basically pulling at the shoulders and revelling the space for anything addition you want to stamp or write and it closes by tucking the top back under the collar.

It looks really impressive and not obvious how it was put together, but, like a lot of paper folding, it's really easy to do when you know how and you could whip up quite a few of these quite quickly once you get going - honestly! This one was my first attemped and I think it didn't come you too badly, if I do say so myself - lol!

Project Ingredients

* 1 sheet 12" x 12" DSP  - Cat' Ref : 117158 In Color Paper Pack - but you could use any DSP.
* "Whisper White" card stock - Cat' Ref : 106549
* "Snail" Adhesive - Cat' Ref : 104332
* nothing else - that's it!

If you would like me to demonstrate how this card it made to you and a group of your friends, then get in contact, my email address is on the left.

Take care, until next time   ...  xx

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