Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Box Tutorial

Hello again,

As promised, below is my tutorial for the box I shared a couple of weeks ago.  This box is slightly different as the sides are not adhered together, which I like as it means you can easily put a little secret message on the inside bottom of the box that just the recipient will see when that take out the goodies.

Please note that the sizes of this project give you the largest size box from 1 sheet of A4.

Items Needed 

* 1 x sheet of A4 cardstock ~ I used "Naturals Ivory" as I think it has a nice weight for a box
* Ruler
* Pencil
* Adhesive ~ I used Tombow Mono Multi Glue, good a strong
* Bone Folder
* Scissors
* Fiskers Paper Trimmer ~ I used mine to make cutting and scoring easier, but you can manage without if you have the other tools.

Step by Step tutorial

Step 1

Cut your A4 sheet into 2 pieces 
1 at 210 x 200 mm, (Shown), this is the box body
1 at 95 x 105 mm, (not shown), this is the lid

Step 2

Take your box body piece and along the 210 edge, score at 70 and 140mm
Turn and score along your 200 edge at 70 and 130 mm
Burnish all score lines with your bonefolder

Step 3 

Using your pencil and ruler, make a mark 20mm to the left of your 1st score line and 20mm to the right of your 2nd score line, turn the cardstock one turn to the left and repeat until all side have been marked. 


Step 4

Using your ruler, join up the top, left hand mark to the bottom left hand mark, repeat for the right hand make, turn the page 1 turn and repeat.  You will notice that the marks intersect in the corners. 

These corners need to be cut off. (see illustration for Step 5)

Step 5

(Showing the corners cut off)

Taking your ruler and bone folder, score from the corner of the cut section to the corner of the scored section ~ see illustration. Using your bonefolder, burnish these score lines - This is a bit tricky.

Scored and ready to go.  No are now on to the lid.

Step 6

Take your lid piece of cardstock and Score all 4 sides at 15 mm and burnish your scorelines.

Step 7

With your scissors, snip on 1 of the corner score lines up to where the score lines intersect ~ see illustration

Step 8

Where you made your cut, cut an additional small diagonal line cut.  I find this makes it easier to make neat lid edges when gluing together.

Step 9

Glue the outside section of the small cut corner piece to the inside of the lid side ~ see illustration.  I use small pegs to hold everything together whilst the glue is drying but you could used paper clips.  
I prefer glue rather that sticky strip as it gives you a little time to get the edges joined neatly and the Tombow is very strong.

Step 10

Push the cut edges of your box inwards and pop on the lid

The lid is strong enough to keep the box closed on it's own.  Now, have fun and decorate as you wish

As a reminder, here is the one I shared a couple of weeks ago.

Hope you've been able to follow the tutorial ok as it's the first one I've written.  I have written lots of training materials and specification documents but only for technical things never crafty ones, so it's a bit scary.  If there is anything that you would like clarified or thing a few more pictures would be helpful, please do not hesitate to let me know, my goal here is to make this an easy to follow tutorial that everyone could copy so happy to change things a bit until it is.

Hopefully this was helpful, take care ... xx

Project Ingredients

Card stock : "Naturals Ivory" Cardstock.
Tools : Paper trimmer; "Paper Snips", Bone folder, Tombow Mono Multi glue, scissors. Oh, and a pencil.


  1. This is brilliant Anna, very clear and easy to understand with a gorgeous box at the end :-)
    Many thanks for taking the time to do this
    Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

  2. Thanks Anna - this is brilliant! A xx