Friday, 27 January 2012

So Friday again already!  Seriously I do not know where the time goes!

As I mentioned yesterday, my sisters birthday is this weekend, so I made another card for her, this time one that Ben, (DS), could send to her.  I wanted to do a card with a little bit of springtime colour to brighten up these cold January mornings, but, as I mentioned yesterday, she is still quite tomboyish, so I had to be a bit subtle about how I went about it.

As to the layout,  I've seen quite a few cards on various websites that utilise this basic sketch and I really like it  and I can add just enough pretty colours without it being girlie.
The photo looks a bit flecky but that's because I used  "Confetti White" cardstock which has touches of colour embedded into it so I could sneak in a bit more of the 'pretty' and hope she doesn't notice - lol!

Have a wonderful day, chat soon ...xx


  1. This is lovely Anna, I love the layout and the colours, those doilies are very pretty too
    Hugs xxx