Saturday, 7 April 2012

Tutorial ~ Easter Basket

Today I'm sharing my tutorial for the basket I posted HERE  & see picture below ~ obviously this basket could be used for any occasion, not just Easter.

Step 1

First thing you need is a piece of 6 x 6" cardstock.  it is possible to do this project with DSP but I prefer cardstock to make it a bit stronger.  My personal preference when making a project such as this is to use "Naturals Ivory"

Step 2

Score your cardstock at 2" on all four sides.

Step 3

Cut up to the score lines on two opposite sides.


Step 4 ~ Optional

Round the corners on the four corner squares of your cardstock.

Step 5 ~ Optional

Add DSP or any other effect to the cardstock. (DSP should be cut to 1 7/8" square x 8 pieces, and round the appropriate corners, if you have done so on the cardstock)  Please Note : if you are using DSP that has a pattern, please check that you line it up correctly so that the pattern goes in the right direction when the basket is put together.

Step 6

Put on one of the central sides of the box, add glue dots or sticky stripe to the bottom corners of the sections either side and have them meet in the middle of the center section.

Step 7 

Repeat for other side

Step 8 ~ Optional

If you want to add a handle, then cut a piece of cardstock 7" long and add DSP or other effect as desired.

Step 9 ~ Optional

Put the handle between the folds of the sides and use your Paper piercer to add a hole ~ try and make sure this goes through the sides that you've glued to the center as well as the handle.

Step 10 ~ Optional

Add your brad to hold everything and look pretty.

On my original basket I added a flower before I added the brad, but the, but other than that, the process was the same.

Well, I hope this was clear and helpful for those of you that would like to make one of these.  As you can see from my original posting, this basket will hold quite a lot bearing in mind it started out as only 6x6" piece of cardstock. 

If you would like to make one smaller or larger, then just make sure that you score the cardstock so that you are left with 9 equally sized squares, ie, for larger, try 9 x 9" scored every 3" on each side or for smaller, try 3 x 3" scored 1" on each side.

If you have any questions, or if any step is not clear, then please leave me a comment and I'll do what I can to help.

Hope the rest of your Easter weekend is wonderful and joyous!

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  1. All perfectly clear Anna, thanks for sharing this with us :-) Will definately have a go.
    Hugs xxx