Saturday, 29 September 2012


Hi there,

Very late posting today but I did want to quickly share with you a card based on some cards I've seen on Pinterest.  I've seen a few cards like this so I can't give any one person the credit, but I think it's a great design, so whoever came up with it first is a little star.

Basically the card is coloured card stock stripes with a sentiment intersecting them, this could be done either by stamping directly to the base layer, as I have done, or by adding a sentiment on an additional layer and laying over the top.

The sentiment I used is from the "Happiest Birthday Wishes" stamp set, which is a Hostess only item.  This set is only available until the end of tomorrow, so if you want to get hold of it, please contact me ASAP.

I love this card style and it's so great to get some inspiration on men's cards as it's they can be hard to make, I also love the way that this card uses up the thinnest strips so you can used your scraps.

Enjoy! ... xx

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