Sunday, 25 November 2012

ABAC Sunday - Mini Bags

Hello there,

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, I am having a very lazy one as I know that next weekend is going to be crazy busy so I'm making the most of the peace and quiet whilst I can, and can you believe that next weekend is December, how scary is that.  Oh and before you ask, I am defiantly NOT ready for the big day yet, I've made about half my cards and I haven't bought a thing yet ~ thank god for internet shopping and direct delivery!

Anyway, for my project today I've made a couple of little bags to share with you and I've made them deliberately made them in non-Christmas themed DSP.

They measure 3 x 7cm, so small and cute.  I made them this size as I had bought little packets of fudge and I made them to be perfectly sized to house them.  (see last photo.)

I made one without a clasp and one with, just to see the difference.

I think I prefer the one with the clasp, and as they are so small, they would make perfect little Christmas tree ornaments, as long as the goodies inside weren't too heavy.

I originally made the one without the clasp as I wanted to fit lots of the little packets of fudge in and volume of goodies is defiantly of interest to the little person this was originally made for but even the one with the clasp had enough room for 2 packets, so if you had a small piece of jewellery wrapped in tissue, this bag would be the perfect size.

I'm going to try and get a tutorial done on this for next Sunday, work allowing.  Take care... xx

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  1. Hallo Anna,
    die Tasche sieht wundervoll aus! Wie hast Du sie gemacht? Gibt es dafür eine Schablone?
    Schöne Grüße aus Deutschland, Ludi